Personalized Mobile Stand

You can get your customized picture in mobile stand, which is crafted just for you.



We are pleased to present our Acrylic Phone Stand, a stylish and customizable option that expertly blends practicality and visual appeal. Enhance your smartphone experience with a stand that not only has a gorgeous look but can be personalized to include your most treasured photo, giving your everyday gadget companion a personal touch.

Elegant Design: Enhance your workspace or bedside table with a phone stand that exudes sophistication. The acrylic construction and beautiful design make it a visually appealing accessory.

Photo Customization: Make it uniquely yours by showcasing a cherished photo on the stand. Whether it’s a memorable moment or a loved one’s image, personalize your phone stand for a truly special touch.

Sturdy Acrylic Design : Crafted from high-quality acrylic, our phone stand ensures durability and stability. Your device will be securely cradled while maintaining a modern and refined aesthetic.

Adjustable Viewing Angle: Enjoy versatility with an adjustable viewing angle. Find the perfect position for your device, whether you’re watching videos, making video calls, or browsing content comfortably.

Compact and Portable: The sleek and lightweight design makes this phone stand easy to carry wherever you go. Set it up at work, home, or while traveling, ensuring a stylish and personalized touch to your tech setup.



5 inches



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